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While some of us are enjoying warmer temperatures, others are suffering from the coldest climate we have seen in a while (I'm not temperature expert, but I'm assuming it has been a while). Even though we are still technically in the winter season, we can still appreciate warmer weather and get ready for those shorts, and SPF smells.

To bring warmth to our minds (and our wardrobes), I chose the perfect outfit for the beginning of spring. Since I've been obsessed with Vampire Diaries, I thought it would be perfect to select a look worn by the talented and adored Nina Dobrev. With her fun attitude, fantastic talent, and cute wardrobe, she is the ideal start for the spring in this Broke Girls Guide series.

If you want to get this look that is easy to throw on, keeps you warm while still keeping you fresh, and looks chic, then just continue reading.

If you have read a previous Broke Girls Guide, you will know my love for white denim. It's a change from the normal and brings a pop of color to an outfit. Frayed white shorts are a great start to the new season that is coming up. You can match them with any color, and it can make that tan pop.

A black tank top is a necessity in any wardrobe. It is great for layering or wearing alone. I love these types of shirts because they give a slimming feature while looking clean. Having these neutral tones gives you more to work with when it comes to accessories. You could stop right here for the perfect summer attire or add a different jacket for those colder days.

Again, a cardigan is almost always needed in a closet. I love these on my less confident days to cover up any insecurities. They are also great for keeping you warm, looking festive, and adding dimension to a regular outfit. If you want to add more color, you could get one in a bold shade for a pop.

Okay, we are all aware of how much I love ankle boots. I think they look stylish with almost any outfit and are a great way to make any typical outfit stand out. Adding booties to shorts gives that extra festive look as if you are about to go cruising down a dirt road, grabbing coffee with friends, or heading to your favorite music festival. These, in particular, are a great color to match with black and white shades.

Her necklace, hat, and bracelets give a hippy look that I'm loving! You can add whatever you like to this mix, but I think these match well with the theme of the style. With mixing golds, silvers, and textures, you get a new dimension to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

What is your favorite look worn by the lovely Nina Dobrev? Also, who else is ready for warm weather! I love snow and all the holidays that come with the winter season, but I have never been a fan of cold temperatures.

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