How To Get Christina Aguilera's Look in Burlesque

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There are certain movies that, whether good or bad, I fall in love with. Even if the plot is entirely terrible, I love dancing and singing films. The movie that I'm talking about in this article, Burlesque, is definitely not one of the bad ones.

The story follows Ali (played by Christina Aguilera) who moves to the big city in hopes of becoming something big. When she eyes a beautiful figure dressing at the Burlesque Lounge, she is immediately hypnotized. After watching the first act (sung by Cher), she doesn't stop until she is dancing on the stage. After a hiccup, Tess (played by Cher) hears Ali's voice and decides to make the whole show around her.

This movie has pain, romance, and laughter all written into sexy dance numbers that show off both Christina and Cher's beautiful vocals. With actors like Christina Aguilera, Cher, Eric Dane, Julianne Hough, and Stanley Tucci, you can't go wrong. If you haven't watched this movie, I encourage you to have a movie night and fall in love with it like I did.

One thing I do love about this movie is the fashion in it. While the costumes are sexy and voluptuous, they also give Christina's character a wardrobe we all want. I chose this outfit because it is her classic look, casual jeans with heels and a sexy jacket to match. This is a style we can all easily copy and, after strutting our stuff, might even feel like Christina for a short time.

Photos Found Here and Here

Somehow she makes her pants always look stylish. While it is a simple look, she makes it sexy with the additions to the outfit. You don't have to go out of your way to find a pair of denim like these either. While both photos are a tad different, they remain constant with the denim and shirt. Get a black pair or blue pair of boot cut denim and start singing your best impression of Aguilera. 

In one photo she has a black top, while the other is a blue shade. While the picture doesn't show the shirt in its entirety, Christina's character is not afraid to show a little cleavage. Go for a classic v-neck shirt in whatever color you like, and you'll be set. The simplicity of this outfit is what makes it so classy. It proves you don't need an expensive wardrobe to look like fantastic.

This jacket was hard to find, but not impossible. Go for whatever color you like, but I love this blush/rouge shade that she is sporting. With the top button and a slight opening near the cleavage, it looks dangerously sexy. It's that mentality that you don't have to expose all of your skin to look sexy. These dupes are a great start, but you can always look at your local shops for that perfect shade and style. 

Shoes and Accessories
Ali is known for wearing only heels in this entire movie. It is her signature look (paired with red lips and piercing eyes). They bring the whole look together and add that appeal we all are looking for in our outfits. Find yourself a pair of chunky heels and walk tall! There is something about heels that give a girl that extra boost of confidence. Not to mention, it helps to elongate your figure and make all the right places pop out. 

For accessories, put on that red lip and black eyeliner and your set. She has that classic beauty in this movie that we all strive for. While I know they put more makeup on her than that, you can keep it natural with these two products and still have that put together look. If you want to add some jewelry, hoops would be a great addition to this. Put on your earrings and sunglasses and conquer the world.

What is your favorite look from this movie? Everytime I watch this I fall in love with it a little bit more. The beautiful lyrics, romantic plot line, and sexy dance moves blend together perfectly for an incredible movie. 

Do you like articles like this? If this gets enough love, I might turn this into a series where I find fantastic dupes for some of our favorite characters in film and TV. 

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