Simple Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated

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We preach motivation a lot on the internet and in everyday talk. While we know what motivation means it is a lot harder to find it within ourselves. I struggle with motivation after focusing so much energy on a particular project or assignment. It is probably no exaggeration when I say I've read over 100 articles on ways to stay motivated or how successful people do it. Yet, I still have those moments where I lack any willpower to push through the barriers in my mind.

I'd like to think I have tried almost every possible advice I have been given on staying motivated. Some have done absolutely nothing while others have genuinely helped. These are what have helped me during harder times. It might not fit you, and it could sound foolish. All I know is we should always try to improve ourselves and be the best we can. If these tips help you that is amazing! If not, try different routines to find the best fit for you.

In a past article, I wrote about how I triumph over the writer's block. Some of those tips significantly relate to this as well. In my opinion, there is never one great cure for anything. It takes a mix of things for us to really get the most out of each day and work hard towards a goal. I've never succeeded at something by just doing one little thing. It was a group effort that got me to that finish line. You can get there too (I promise).

Take Time To Write Down Intentions
I cannot do anything without reason behind it. Hate to say it but, most of the time, that reason has to bring me some sort of happiness. Doing something for a paycheck or a wow factor usually never works. If you can work off of that goal alone then great! Typically, you do need to have some form of enjoyment in your intentions to stay motivated throughout the entire process. Otherwise, it becomes boring fast.

When I really thought about starting a writing career, I spent days (and even weeks) thinking it through. I wrote down what I wanted to get out of this path and what I intended to do. Do you have a dream you want to accomplish? You need to know the why, how, what of the subject. Why do you want to do it? How are you going to make it happen? What do you want to get out of it? These are all critical questions you need to ask and be able to answer to move forward.

You can use this for the big picture as well as small details. When I write down ideas for new content, I think in my head, "Why do I want to write this? What am I bringing to this story that is new?" If I don't have a proper answer, I take it off of my list. People can easily spot a piece of work that was just written to add content and ones that were created from joy and genuine interest.

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Create A Game Plan With Rewards
Set small goals for anything you are doing. Don't try to conquer the world; you will fail. Create a game plan that helps you slowly chip away until completion. For one, a massive goal can create unnecessary stress to get it accomplished. If I were to set a game plan that consisted of five articles and four new chapters to my book in one day I will set myself up for disaster. Not only will I work tirelessly trying to get it done but I will work so fast that it won't even produce quality content. When I don't get everything done (which I wouldn't) I will feel like a failure.

Don't set yourself up for that type of self-ridicule. Start small and chip away over time. Not only that but make sure to set rewards for yourself as well. Have a massive project that needs to be completed? Once it is finished, reward yourself afterward. This could be a little vacation, a movie night with friends, or just a night by yourself to relax. We feel great when something is accomplished but, if we don't take the time to celebrate, that feeling might get thrown under the bus.

Use Your Failures As New Ideas
Failing is actually a fantastic thing that we don't celebrate enough. Maybe it is because the word sounds terrible or it feels like it should be wrong. Why should failure be bad? It means you tried at something and gave it everything you had. I love failing, and I am not afraid to admit this. When I screw up, it shows that I actually tried and took a step out on that ledge. It also means I know what not to do the next time. Do you think the computer didn't have failures when being created? I know I'm incredibly grateful they kept at it otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now.

Take your failure and change one little thing before trying again. If that doesn't work then keep making small adjustments until it does. This is tedious and can feel infuriating, but it indeed does work. Anything we truly want in life is never going to be easy. Once you realize this, you can stop complaining about the work and start enjoying the process.

If you have no clue why something failed then ask! Constructive criticism is your best friend for motivation. Every time someone has told me (politely) what I did wrong it gives me fuel to try again and do it right. Failure is our jet fuel to help us soar higher than we thought possible. While the end result is what we are reaching for we should still enjoy the journey. This part is what takes the longest and turns us into the people we are today.

Look At The Big Picture
Not only should you regularly look back at the intentions you wrote down, but you should look at the big picture when feeling demolished. I stopped writing my book for about seven months last year. Somewhere along the journey, I let self-doubt cripple my ability to write another word. The longer I stayed away, the easier it was to lose motivation. I forgot the big picture.

One day I looked back at an old notebook and found the area where I wrote down my hopes and dreams for my first book. It was an eye-opening moment for me. Not only did I start back up in the writing process but it made me remember to look at the big picture. When you feel like you cannot move another inch forward remember why you started and what that end result will look like.

You study so much at the fine print you start to blur out that big caption that is staring right in front of you. I don't care if you have to physically schedule time for 'the big picture' but reference back to it as much as possible. If you lose sight of why you are doing something you will eventually give up altogether. Don't let your light burn out. We are capable of anything we set our mind to, we just have to work hard and remember the reasoning behind our actions.

Staying motivated is not easy, and one size does not fit all. You have to find the right structure to meet the lifestyle that keeps you pushing through the difficult times to the other side. Hiccups are going to occur. It is how we act after the hiccup that makes us who we are as individuals. Never forget that you are a fantastic person capable of so much! Don't forget this as you start on your path towards your bliss.


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