What to do With Your Partner this Valentine's Day

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I've never been the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. Maybe it was because I used to spend each year alone. Perhaps because I have an instinct to rebel against corporate holidays (probably a little bit of both). Either way, I didn't get into the holiday until recently. Instead of feeling depressed during this romantic holiday, I decided to change my perspective.

It does help that now I have a partner to celebrate it with, but there is more to Valentine's day than having a boyfriend or girlfriend. For me, it is a day to celebrate the love you have with others. That could be family, friends, or a significant other. We should make the day a time to spread the love around the world. Whether that means helping out at a homeless shelter or taking your mom to dinner, anyone can celebrate this day.

Whether you are single or happily taken, you can celebrate Valentine's day with these fun activities. One tip I have learned throughout the years, buy the fluffy teddy bear the next day. Usually, I work on the actual holiday, so my boyfriend and I celebrate the day after. Everything surrounding this holiday is often 50% off during this time. Might as well save a few dollars while serenading your partner.

Go Ice Skating
I did this last year and, while I have some regrets, it was a fun time. Being the klutz that I am (have you seen the website name?), I ended the night with a fractured tailbone that took over four months to heal. However, it was a romantic and fun time leading up to this fall. I blame it on my boyfriend who forced me to leave the comfort of the edge and attempt to brave the middle of the skating rink.

Do you not have a place near you to go ice skating? You can do any form of activity that both you and your partner enjoy. It could be anything from golf to walking around your favorite park. The point is to enjoy yourself while getting out and doing something a little unconventional on Valentine's Day.

Classic Move and Dinner
If you like the conventional, then this is the event for you. There is nothing wrong with the classic movie and dinner date night. If you can stand waiting for your seat at the restaurant, it can be quite romantic to have alone time with your significant other.

Don't have a date? Go by yourself! There is no shame in treating yourself to a movie and delicious meal.

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In House Romance
This idea is usually the way I celebrate Valentine's Day. Since both of us often work that day, we will share the time while staying at the house. One year my boyfriend surprised me by making up a bubble bath for me to dive into as soon as I got home. After I was sufficiently relaxed with prune shaped fingers, he treated me to a homemade dinner and one of my favorite movies.

No matter how you do it, alone time at home can be just as romantic. Especially if you have kids and never get that time to yourself, have someone watch the kids and enjoy those moments alone. Act like you are just meeting this person and talk about things you've never shared before.

Take a Trip
If you have time off, take your significant other and go away for the weekend. Even if it is just to a neighboring town, get out of the house and enjoy yourself. I've always found trips to be romantic. Being in a place unfamiliar and exploring a new city could be just the thing you need this holiday season. Instead of buying gifts, share in the memories that you'll make while away from home.

Enjoy Entertainment
Enjoying entertainment could be an array of things. Depending on what you two enjoy, get out of the house and do something you don't always do. This date night could be seeing a movie, going to a concert, attending a party, or going to a play. Make it something you don't always get to do so that it feels special.

I love going to concerts with my boyfriend. We get to bond in the car drive to the venue, and I love watching his face light up when he sees his favorite musician on stage. It might not seem romantic, but sharing happiness is one of the best things you can do with your partner.

What are your plans this Valentine's Day? I'll probably pick the staying home with a mixture of a dinner date night, but that is just me. If you do plan on buying a gift, I have a few pieces of jewelry that are perfect for this occasion. If you are thinking of something more fluffy, make sure you have room for it. My boyfriend got me a giant panda bear one year and, while I love it, I can't ever seem to find a spot for it in our house.


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