10 Facts You Don't Know About Me

After watching the 72 question series that Vogue does, I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself that not everyone knows. Realistically, I don't have much in my life that I'm too embarrassed to tell others. That doesn't mean that I don't have my secrets, but I usually am relatively open about who I am and what I like. However, I still thought it would be fun to share a few pieces of knowledge about myself.

Sharing these facts gives you a better glimpse of who I am as a person, and I would love it if you all would do the same! Maybe we could get to know each other and make some friends and deep relationships. If you want, you can make this a tag and either share the link to your post below or just put a few facts in the comments. Either way, I would love to learn more about you and make a few new friends. After all, that is why I created a Patreon page.

  1. I have a lead scar on my outer left thigh that I received by accident during my middle school years. It came after an unfortunate incident of plopping on my couch and a sharp pencil hiding in the cracks. It hurt like hell and gave me a permanent tattoo.
  2. For the life of me, I cannot swallow pills. While I do have larger tonsils than the average person, it has become such an anxiety-ridden event that I psych myself with even the smallest of capsules. My large tonsils also make me the last one to finish my plate since I have to take smaller bites than other people. Now I just try to find gummy versions of everything and, if I have to, will crush pills and add it to some orange juice (which is disgusting).
  3. I will forever be an emo kid at heart. Back in the day, I would pick bands that the boy I liked listened to so that they would like me back (ridiculous, I know). However, doing this got me into the world of punk and emo music that I still love to blast (currently listening to now). I don't care how you judge me, My Chemical Romance will always be a favorite of mine.
  4. Most people started driving way before I did. When everyone was getting their drivers license (between 14-16), I was happily ignoring all the classes that I should have been taking. For whatever reason, I had a horrible fear of getting behind the wheel. I didn't finally take a course and get my drivers license until I was almost 17 years old (also the first time I got behind the wheel).
  5. This might not be a shock since I say it all the time, but I'm a severe nerd when it comes to anything Harry Potter. Most people are, but I go hard. If I could have a Harry Potter themed life, I would easily make it happen. Speaking of which, who has seen the new Fantastic Beasts movie? Let me know your opinion on it! Also, I'm still waiting on my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, just saying.
  6. I might have an unhealthy love for organization and office supplies. Meaning I'm the girl who is pushing kids out of the aisle during back to school shopping to get my fix (not really, but kind of). There is something about paper, pens, and supplies that gets me all giddy. When I worked at a restaurant, I was in charge of buying supplies for the office and, let me tell you, we had pink and blue everything (including staplers).
  7. Somehow, even with being the klutz that I am, I was a dancer in my younger years. My mother forced me into dancing at a young age and, after kicking and screaming, I started to enjoy it genuinely. I took classes for 4 years, which included tap, ballet, and jazz. While I can fall over my own two feet, I can pirouette like a pro.
  8. When I was a child, I came into contact with head lice (like most kids do). However, I didn't realize I had it until one day of taking a bath and seeing the nasty little bugs floating in my water. My head was covered so severely that it took several months to get rid of all the bugs and eggs. My mother refused to shave my head, so we spent hours each day combing my long hair out. To this day, if you talk about lice my head will start to itch and, when it gets greasy, I swear I have phantom pain from all the scabs they created on my scalp.
  9. How I learned typing and computer functions came from a geeky game that was on our old windows computer. It was this space game that dropped letters and phrases that you had to type before they hit the bottom of the screen. Each level would get faster and create larger words. Through this game, I learned how to type like a pro.
  10. While you might not even realize this is an actual fear, I suffer from barophobia (fear of gravity). While I know it is illogical that gravity will reverse, I get panic attacks every now and again thinking of floating into space after gravity switches off. This usually occurs when I'm driving at night or watching movies where they are drifting aimlessly (I'll never watch the film Gravity because of it). Luckily, I'm not as bad as some people. Severe cases cause people never to leave their house.  

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