3 Things I Like About Myself

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As a natural reaction, almost all of us can spout out ten things we hate about ourselves before naming one thing we like. I'm the queen of negative self-awareness. This year I want to be different and, maybe, start a trend for others. Since growing my self-worth, I have begun to educate myself on love from within. This means I have had to take a back seat and give myself compliments (not an easy task).

I wanted to start off with a little bit of love. By saying things that I like about myself, I am showing myself and others that it is okay to talk about yourself positively. A lot of times we might think pleasant thoughts, but we feel vain and prideful when saying it out loud. I don't believe that is the case. If we spoke compliments instead of negative thoughts we might be able to enjoy our time in this world more.

So, here goes nothing. I'm not going to be bashful or dishonest, but say three things that I genuinely like about myself. Maybe it will make me look like a narcissist, but I'm willing to take that hit. Besides, a journal is for me. I'm merely sharing my journal and exposing my own thoughts with others.

My personality
When I didn't feel beautiful, I worked on things I thought I could control. That means I made sure my character would when someone over. While I now realize that I am beautiful (just like everyone), I still am glad I worked on this characteristic. Too many times we focus on the outside appearance that we don't work on our personality. I've met plenty of people who were stunning to look at but had ugly hearts.

I like to think that I'm easy to love. I never judge (out loud at least), use comedy as an icebreaker and have too much empathy at times. While I might be shy when people first meet me, I've rarely met anyone who, after getting to know me, hated who I was. Unfortunately, some people mistake shyness for bitchiness, but I've learned to sidestep those people.

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My skin
When I say my skin, I mean more on my face than anything. Since I was a child, I've had issues with bumps and dryness all over my body. However, I was always fortunate for a clean face. I've rarely had pimples in my life and only get the occasional blackhead. I used to get compliments on my skin and, feeling horrible about myself, made it my mission to keep it clear and glowing.

Now I just try to keep it healthy, but the commitment is still there. I'm not a vain person, but I would like to keep my skin young and healthy for as long as possible. I feel grateful that I didn't have to go through acne because I saw how it affected my friends throughout the years. I definitely don't take that for granted.

My boobs
I used to hate my breasts. They were too small and, throughout the years, never really grew. While they aren't the smallest things, they are definitely not going to be on the cover of any magazines. The thing is, I've realized that small boobs are something to be grateful for. I don't get horrible back pain, I never wear a bra with anything, and they have remained perky.

It used to be something that haunted me, but now I'm embracing them. While I'm not insulting you big boobed girls out there, I have accepted that I love mine just the way they are.

What are things about yourself that you like? It might feel awkward at first to talk about it, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying your body and mind. In fact, we should do it more often. Celebrate our differences, because they are what makes us beautiful and unique.

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