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I went back and forth in my mind on writing this article. Part of me thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite pieces on my site and why I like them while the other half of me thought it might come off arrogant. Since you are reading this, you are probably aware of the choice that I made. With it being the new year, I thought it would be fun to share with you some pieces I wrote that I loved.

Saying this doesn't mean they are my favorite by others (analytics would agree with me), but that I enjoyed writing them, and it either interested or moved me in some way. For me, writing is a form of release. I'll talk about a subject that I have struggled with or a topic that I have researched on to learn more.

Of course, I will leave a link to each article I talk about in case you want to read it. I have to put a shameless plug in a piece that talks about my website.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Jeans
One of the main reasons this is on my favorites is the fact that it was the first fashion piece I wrote outside of the Broke Girls Guide series. When I first started my blog, I wanted a set that found cheap dupes for celebrity looks. This idea was something I was passionate about and, being a girl on a budget, figured it would benefit others. While I still love these pieces, they became the only fashion articles on my website.

Since I try to stay in order of topics (to keep them relatively even), I never had a chance to write anything else that pertained to the fashion world. One day I realized that, after months of writing, I was talking about things that I didn't care about over topics that I genuinely loved. Therefore, I slowed down on my travel pieces and decided to add in a few more fashion-related ideas.

Besides being my first fashion article, I love this because it has facts that a lot of men and women don't know when buying jeans. The idea came to me after I watched a Youtube video on what to look for when purchasing denim. I never understood all the little details could change the shape of your body. It was like a lightbulb had gone off in my brain. After hours of research, I came up with these tips that I regularly use when shopping for jeans.

Let's Have A Conversation About Sex
Adsense would tell you that they did not appreciate this article. Even with my ads gone, I still kept this piece up for everyone to read. I wrote this after an experience that opened up my eyes. I was sitting with my boyfriend after a passionate night, and I desperately wanted to tell him something that he was doing that I didn't like. Several times I tried to say to him but would end up backing out. Finally (after much persuasion from him) I stumbled through the conversation. With cheeks as red as cherries, I waited for his reply.

He laughed and smiled at my idiocracy. “Why does that make you so awkward. It's just sex. We can talk about it.” He wasn't mad at what I said, but happy that I had communicated with him. It felt like a relief had lifted off my shoulders. Why was I so embarrassed? It was as if the act of sex was less embarrassing than talking about it afterward.

That is why I wrote this piece. To let people know that it is okay to feel awkward when talking about the action but is healthy. We should open up about these things with our partners. Even if I don't make money off the post, it will always be one of my favorites for the simple fact that it helped me and, hopefully, will help someone else.

Defining What Consent Looks Like
This article was small and to the point. It didn't get many views, but it meant something to me to be able to write it. With everything going on in the world, I wanted to write an article that let people realize that consent isn't that hard to follow. It sickens me when I hear of stories where one person felt forced into a situation. We sometimes don't even realize it is happening because we have trained our mind to believe it is a normal part of life.

Even though people who do bad things are probably not reading this article, it felt good to put it out into the world. I started my blog to help people feel less alone, inform, create a safe place, and talk about things others refuse to. Consent should be talked about until every single person on this planet knows what it means and abides by it. I mean, it isn't that hard of a rule to follow.

What Is BPA and Why Is It Bad For You?
Again, this article didn't do so well in the view section. However, I love this piece because it informed me of something I was completely unaware of at the time. Before writing about BPA, I had entirely no idea what it meant and why it was harmful. I knew that they made water bottles that were BPA-free. This piece was probably my most time-consuming topic because I wanted to make sure I got all of my research from reliable sources and that it was written in an easy to understand format.

When I started looking into details about BPA, I found that almost all websites that talked about it wrote in a scientific approach that not everyone could understand (a lot of them confused me as well). It made me realize that there wasn't a simple article out there that talked about what it was, how it originated, why we use it, and the potential harm it could cause. This article was the first piece that I felt was unique in the fact that it had all the pertinent information for anyone to read. Plus, I learned a lot when writing it!

Let me know in the comments below which articles you read and which one was your favorite. Was there one you liked that I didn't mention? I would also love it if you left links to some of your favorite articles out on the web. Whether it is yours or someone else's, I always appreciate reading new blogs. If you like, I can write about some of my favorite pieces from other bloggers as well. Let me know below!

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