4 Outfit Ideas For Your Upcoming Date Night

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You were asked out by that cute guy from your office. After silently shrieking with excitement, you head home to get ready for the upcoming date. As you stare at your closet you realize the same thing every other woman realizes in this situation; you have nothing to wear. You'll go through every piece in your wardrobe until you inevitably pick the first style you tried on.

Does this sound familiar? Dates are hard enough without the stress of looking your best. With your nerves on overdrive, you barely have time to think about the clothes as you stress about the possible awkward silence that might erupt during dinner. So, what do you wear? Well, it all depends on your style and what type of date night you are about to go on.

Depending on the situation, I have a few ideas for you to throw on and feel absolutely beautiful no matter what the occasion. With these ideas, I did not put accessories. I did this because, as all these looks would be fantastic without anything else, you can add your personal touch with a necklace, purse, or bracelet. After the outfit is completed, you can let your mind go back to worrying about the conversation that will hopefully move by smoothly.

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Date Night: Comfort and Casual
This outfit idea is perfect for those casual date nights. Whether you are going out to see a movie or going with friends for bowling, this is an excellent idea for those comfortable nights. You want to be put together but not look like your about to walk the red carpet. A slimming pair of denim jeans and a cold shoulder blouse is a perfect matching for this moment.

To me, you can never go wrong with a little shoulder exposed. While most people think of showing cleavage (which is perfectly fine), you would be amazed at how sexy your shoulders can be! This gives you a comfortable look while still showing a little something in a flirty way.

Date Night: The Dinner
This ensemble is great for any restaurant you are about to attend. Unless you are just heading for fast food after a movie (in which case head to the first idea for outfit inspiration), this piece is the perfect blend of casual and classy. I personally gravitate towards light pink shades because they look flattering on any skin type.

These pants give you the comfort to walk around while still looking elegant. To add a little spice, pick up a silk camo. Tops like this are on the verge of looking like lingerie (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). With a cute pair of shoes, your date will be drooling over you! Are you going on a date during the colder months? Do you want to play this down a little?

The look would also be suitable for a cute pair of jeans and a jacket. It will still look effortless and sexy either way you dress it.

Date night: Edgy and Sexy
Do you like to make an entrance? Are you going to a concert or a similar event? This look is going to be the perfect pick for your date! While we never think of mini skirts, they can ooze sexy date night without trying too hard. I chose this look because it gives you that edgy quality while not making you feel like you can't breathe the entire night.

My rule when it comes to skin exposure is to only pick one body part. Since more of your legs are exposed, choose a shirt that covers up the chest area. Again, this is entirely up to you! I think this makes the ensemble look sexy without being too flashy. Put on your favorite faux leather jacket and rock the night away!

When it comes to the skirt, I usually reach for something that has a zipper or button design on the front. It adds more dimension and can look flattering on the body. Too self-conscious for this tight of a skirt? You can opt for a flowy mini skirt that will give the same appeal as the one shown below.

Date night: Elegant
This is for those parties, dinner nights, and dates where you want to look your absolute best. For this date, you should stick with that LBD (little black dress). I usually look for ones that are slimming on top and flow towards the bottom. These dresses are more comfortable to wear and look great on any body type. Add a cute jacket for a pop of color and put on your stilettos for instant glam.

The great thing about this piece is that it will never go out of style. While fashion changes constantly, that little black dress will always wow the crowd.

What are you favorite pieces to wear for a date night? Do you have any outfits that you gravitate towards when dressing for that special moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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