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We all know about the popular social media sites out there that everyone uses (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). I am a huge fan of these sites because they help me expand my reach for my website. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your work, especially if you are starting out. While staying consistent and creating unique posts is a must for all of these, did you know there are other sites out there to help you expand readership?

These are the most popular and talked about sites for everyone. I am by no means downplaying the importance of having an account with them. However, there are other secret gems on the internet that can help you find a new audience and get your name out there. Through my research, I have found a few new sites that have completely changed the game for me. I do stress that you need to play around with each one and see what works best for you. What helps me could be a waste of time for you.

At the end of the day, if these sites don't help you promote your work, they will give you something new to explore. Not only do I use these for my personal gain, but I genuinely do love using them daily. Through these sites, I have found new writers that I have fallen in love with, created new friends, and learned more about the world around me.

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A lot of people no this, but are not correctly using it. LinkedIn is kind of like a Facebook for professionals. You create a profile, connect with individuals, and set your resume for companies to find you and offer a position. Most people use this as a great way to find a new job opportunity or a potential new employee. What a lot of people miss out on is the fact that it is a great way to share your business with others. I try to connect with as many writers on this site and share my articles with them as well as sharing their posts with others.

This is a great way to expand your community. Since it is a site that is career based, you can easily find people who are in similar fields and connect with them. Not only does this help me share my articles, but I have grown a community through this site that shares questions, ideas, and tips. No matter what profession you are in, LinkedIn should be a part of your life.

I had a Tumblr account in high school where I posted all of my teen angst and photos I enjoyed from other profiles. I always saw this as a fun little hobby for kids, but never realized it could be utilized for so much more. Tumblr is a blogging site with a Facebook feel. You create a place where you can share almost anything, and you follow other sites to find great material. If you are a writer, photographer, or in any creative career, this is an excellent website for you.

Since starting back up, Tumblr has been my biggest account for gaining readership (according to Google Analytics). Most of my readers who go to my site started out at Tumblr. For every ten pictures or quotes I post, I share one of my articles on my website. They offer a queue service so that you can post consistently, and you can easily tag your work to reach an even bigger audience. Plus, it is incredibly addicting to scroll through other peoples accounts.

This is something I just started using but already love. The site, Mix, is an excellent site for writers of all kinds. Like Pinterest, you can find articles from all over the internet and put them on your boards for easy access. When you set up an account, they ask you what your interests are and then give you articles that cater to those topics. You can follow different boards, users, or genres. If you like an article you read, you can quickly add it to your board for others to fall in love with. The great thing about this site? You can add your articles into the mix as well (see what I did there?).

Now be warned, if you only post your articles, you will lose followers extremely quick. I try to stick to the 1 to 10 rule. This means that, for every ten articles I post, I'll share one of my own. This way you aren't just shamelessly promoting yourself and allowing other great writers to get more exposure.

This isn't necessarily a social media account, but something every blogger should know about. Bloglovin' is the Google of the blogging world. Whether you know it or not, almost all blogging websites out there are on Bloglovin'. Once you confirm your ownership to your site, you can follow all of your favorite bloggers on here. This is a great way for people to easily follow everyone they read, see new posts that pop up, and share some love. Instead of bookmarking all of your favorite sites, add them to your Bloglovin' profile and shamelessly scroll away.

I hope this gives you a few more options besides the typical social media accounts we all know and love. What are some sites I didn't talk about that you have found beneficial? I'm always searching for new opportunities to expand my readership while following other amazing creators.


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