4 Ways to Help You Relax Today

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I am an introverted homebody who spends her days behind a computer typing away. I'm always in a thought process, scheduling, or reading something new and adding it to my brain bank. While I love my job, I also need to relax afterward. For me, this looks like nothing. As in, I try to find things to do that require no thought process. For my boyfriend, that sounds like rock climbing, hanging out with anyone (he loves people), and being outdoors. I'm a little different.

Since I'm more of a loner, I love to find things to do by myself. Therefore, I thought I would make a little list of things that help me relax after a long day. I love reading articles about what people do in the mornings before work or right before bed. However, there isn't much out there on what others do to relax. I'm always intrigued to see what helps other people wind down. You might do some of these or be the complete opposite, but I'd love to know how you relax after each day.

Watching Re-Runs
For me, I need my mind to turn off after a long day. I don't want to have to think, but I also want the ability to have thoughts if needed. This means I don't like starting new shows or movies during my relaxing period. Believe it or not, starting a new anything requires me to focus. I want to learn about the plot line, understand what is going on, and give each second my full attention. In a way, that is too much work when I'm winding down.

This means that I enjoy shows that I have already watched. It gives me the option of mindlessly looking at a screen without having to get involved. I can focus on it or do other things. Might seem silly, but this is an excellent way for me to relax.

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Play Video Games
I don't play many games (and for a good reason). When it comes to sports, I have no abilities in anything. I get embarrassed that I suck at them and usually don't have a great time. However, I am a competitive person. I also have a problem with becoming obsessed with a game once I start. So, while I don't do this one often, it does bring me joy. I can forget about the day behind the screen as I attack monsters and defeat enemies. Just be warned, I'll play them until I'm good enough to kick anybody's butt.

Listen To Music/Reading
Since I'm sticking with media for my relaxing time, I might as well throw this into the list as well. A big part of relaxing for me is to stop the thought process. When I get in my head, I start scheduling things, worrying about the next day, and thinking of what I could have done better. Therefore, I try to find things that turn this off for a little bit. The combination of music and a book has always been a great distraction for me. I can let my mind unwind by entering into other worlds and becoming apart of a new story. Even if the characters are going through stress, it somehow helps me relax.

Sitting At A Coffee Shop
I absolutely love coffee shops. Not the corporate ones, but those local places that feel like a second home. Every weekend I head to the coffee shop with my boyfriend, and we settle into one corner and just chat for hours. There is something about this that relieves any worry I might have going on in life. I could have a deadline looming, financial issues, and personal drama, but it all goes away once I step foot into the warmth of a coffee place. Nothing can compare to the feeling.

Do any of these things help you relax? Let me know in the comments below! I also would love to know what does help you unwind each day. It's crazy how this simple act can vary from person to person.


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