A Letter To My Younger Self

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Dear Younger Self,
All those bad things you have in your life are there for a reason. You might not see it now, but they are going to change you in incredible ways. Knowing how low you can feel will help you never get to that place ever again. I know you don't see the beauty in yourself, but it is there. You might become friends with the wrong people. It is because you don't believe you deserve better. That is a lie.

If I could tell you anything, it would be to remain patient. The problems you are facing right now will seem so silly in the future. That boy you are falling in love with will be nothing but a vacant memory one day. Those extra pounds that make you feel hideous will even out, and one day you will see your body as beautiful.

I want you also to remember to love unconditionally. I know someone has left you and made you feel alone in this world, but love is still out there. You push people away before they can abandon you. It is a defense mechanism you have perfected over the years. However, one day you will meet a man that proves to you unconditional love does exist. You won't always be that girl with daddy issues, I promise.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Trust me, you are doing the best you can right now. I know it seems like things are falling apart, but that is only your life transitioning into the life you were born to have. Continue fighting for others and falling in love with words, it will be the best gift you give yourself. You won't always be the alienated girl.

You are going to make mistakes, big ones. Fights with your family and losing friends are going to happen. Once you get through the storm, you will start to find yourself and fiercely love those that are close to you. Hold on to that hope.

I also want you to know that I love you. For every mistake you have made, you do it with a determination. You let all the bad things in your life stubbornly push you to become a better version of yourself each day. It might seem weird to say, but I believe you are a strong person. You are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. Never forget that.

Also, keep dying your hair crazy colors and pushing the envelope. One day you are going to remember these memories and look back with happiness that you did them. You didn't let other people's thoughts stop you from being you. That is pretty impressive in my book.

Your Future Self


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