How To Feel Pretty on Those Off Days

I woke up from a lousy night's sleep and rolled out of bed. After doing my little morning routine, I went to the mirror to get ready for the day. That is when I noticed it. I felt ugly. There was a pimple the size of Texas forming on my chin, and it felt like I had gained 20 pounds since sleeping from all the salt I had consumed the night before. It wasn't just that particular moment either.

A friend posted a picture of me on social media, and I studied it with a wave of pity. I felt like an ugly blob in a sea of beautiful faces. I was deep in the world of self-pity and had no idea how to get out. Have you ever had a day like this? An entire week? The most confident of souls can have these thoughts come up every now and again.

While we are told to love our bodies the way they are, it is not always 100% possible to do that. I'm not saying you are not beautiful. I'm merely stating the fact that YOU are not always going to agree with that statement.

Whether you are having one of those days or need a little confidence boost, I have a few tips and tricks I use on these days. What I've realized is that, if I feel lousy, my entire day will end just as it started. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and, if you are not feeling yourself, you need to take a step back and assess the situation.

For me, that means taking a day for self-care and relaxation. I consider these self-conscious days as a hint that I need to make more time for myself so that I can feel my most confident and beautiful self.

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Spend Time On Your Skin
This tip can mean so many things for each person. Usually, when I'm not feeling all that pretty, it is due to my outward appearance. My face might be dry and breaking out, or I'm more bloated than I usually am. By taking time in the morning to care for my skin, I have a better chance of perking up my spirits before leaving the house.

You can do this by washing your face and doing a skincare routine, taking the time to get your makeup just right, or spending time in the shower exfoliating and moisturizing your entire body. While I don't get many breakouts, I do have horrible uneven skin. This means I'll get patches of red that don't want to disappear. I also get dry flakes in certain trouble areas that seem to stick to my face like superglue.

By taking the time to exfoliate and put on my special serums, I give myself the chance to feel better about what is going on. You would be amazed how much adding a skincare routine can aid in your mental health as well as your physical appearance.

Wear Your Favorite Outfit
Even if it is just your favorite pair of denim with a shirt, put it on and let it be your comfort blanket today. Anytime I'm feeling less like myself I put on my favorite pair of jeans and a silky tank top that sits on my body in a flattering way. It makes me feel pretty even when I'm not 100% myself.

Again, it is okay not to be confident 100% of the time. Nobody on this planet is. Almost everyone has those pieces in their wardrobe that they put on like a piece of armor to survive those specific days. Are you going to work and can't wear those jeans and shirt you love so much? Take extra time in a store and find that perfect outfit that makes you feel beautiful for work. It is a great idea to have that 'armor outfit' for any occasion.

Take Time on Your Hair
Like the other tips I've previously mentioned, this one is an excellent piece of advice for improving your mood. When I don't feel my best, I usually stick my hair up into a ponytail. The problem with that is the fact that I don't like the way I look with my hair up like that. Therefore, I'm making the situation worse.

Either choose your favorite hairdo or go for one that you know will get compliments. Believe it or not, one compliment can drastically improve how you view yourself. This could mean taking that extra half hour to get those perfect curls or putting your hair into a cute braided style you perfected years ago. When you have something lovely to look at you are less likely to stare at the areas you hate on that particular day.

Drink Water, Eat Healthily
Believe it or not, this can improve your mental state. When I eat nothing but junk, I can feel my mental health deteriorating. The garbage gives me a gross feeling that spreads to my head and heart. I start feeling guilty for the bag of Cheetos I just consumed, feel fat for being able to eat an entire bag and feel gross from all the fat I just inhaled. It is a horrid cycle that never makes your mood improve.

When we don't feel our best, we are usually inclined to have that junk food day. However, this is the worst time to do so. Instead, drink plenty of water and fill your plate with fruits and veggies. Your body will thank you, and you'll have more energy. That boost of energy (that isn't fueled from junk) can improve your mental health as well. Don't believe me? Try it out anyway. You'll never regret feeding your body with healthy nutrients.

Focus on the Good
This tip might seem close to impossible, but can be done if we try. I know you feel ugly and like there is nothing on your body worth loving. We have all been there. I can guarantee you that there is something about yourself you can like at that moment. For me, it is usually the color of my eyes or how well I did my makeup that day.

Focus on this and let it consume you. Don't stress about that new pimple growing on your chin or the way your hips sit (unless these are good things for you!). By saying something positive about yourself, you are more inclined to think the rest of the day positively. When we are always tearing ourselves down it is close to impossible to see anything useful.

You don't deserve that type of hatred. We are the hardest on ourselves. Give yourself a break; you are beautiful. Even if you can't see it today, I promise it is true. Try to find one nice thing about yourself and (either out loud or as a thought) tell yourself how much you like it. Repeat until it sticks in your head.

Spend Some Money
Mental health is just as important as physical health. I will repeat that sentence until the day I die. If you are not feeling yourself, take a sick day. After all, you deserve it if you are not feeling well. Take that time off to go to a hairdresser and get a snip or color change. Afterward, head to a nail salon and ask for your favorite color.

Maybe after this, you can go to a spa and get an hour massage. By spending time and money on yourself, you are mentally saying that you are essential (and YOU ARE). Even if you can't afford all this, you can still pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, buy a sheet mask, and get a new tube of nail polish to add to your collection. By taking that extra time to pamper the physical appearance you rewire your brain to see how beautiful you are. Repeat as necessary.

Work it Out
I KNOW I look ugly when I work out. My face gets way too red, and sweat gushes out of every single pore. However, I FEEL beautiful after that workout session. By raising my heart rate I feel proud of what I just did, and that pride spreads to self-love. You hear it all the time and roll your eyes at the stories. Trust me; I was the same way. I thought there was no way exercising could make you feel better.

However, that is precisely what exercise does. It boosts your mood, gives you more energy, and can make you feel empowered. Even if I don't drop weight after a session at the gym, I still feel lighter. It's an addictive feeling. The next time you don't feel yourself, go for a walk. It doesn't even have to be intensive training. A simple walk around town or a twenty-minute yoga session will improve your mental health more than you realize.

I want you to know that you ARE beautiful. I also want you to know that it is perfectly fine that you don't feel that way. I'm not going to sit here like other articles out there that say you shouldn't feel bad. You can feel however you want to. If you wake up and feel fat and alone, well, that is okay. We all do from time to time. Remember that you are not alone in your thoughts and that there are things you can do to help out during this time.

What do you do when you don't feel 100%? Do you use any of these tips and tricks or do you have different ones? Let me know in the comments below. By supporting each other when we are out our lowest we can feel even better at our highest. 


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